Eindhoven healthcare sector wants to deal better with energy, water and waste

Clean energy
Clean energy in the care sector, Picture credit: Pixabay

Fourteen large health care institutions and eleven regional municipalities are going to cooperate in a program called Green Deal Care Eindhoven/MRE. The aim of the program is to improve the environmental performance of the care institutions.

“The performance improvement can be done by saving energy, dealing more efficiently with waste and water, and by combating food waste and limiting transport movements”, say the parties.

This partnership between municipalities and care organisations will allow them to share their experience and knowledge. This is will help them in implementing sustainable policies geared towards improving the environment. Alderman Rik Thijs from Climate and Energy is pleased with the start and hopes that more municipalities will join.


Parties that join do not have to enforce energy legislation – in order to comply with that legislation, certain standards have to be met. After the three-year duration of the Green Deal, the participating institutions should be able to meet the standards.

Participants will be ‘monitored and evaluated during the project, but the Green Deal assumes that more can be achieved by ‘wanting and cooperating’ than by ‘enforcing and controlling’.

Partnership organisations

Care sector organisations such as Health Archipel, the Catharina Hospital, Combined Youth Care, GGZE, and Vitalis are among those participating in the project. Eindhoven, the peripheral municipalities and Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost-Brabant are also involved.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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