Political parties want a better distribution of living space in Eindhoven

Housing Eindhoven Picture credit: studio040.nl

The majority of Eindhoven’s political parties want the city council to aim for a better distribution of the available living space in Eindhoven.

The PvdA, the CDA, 50Plus, the SP, and GroenLinks have submitted a motion on this matter. The city council will discuss the motion next week. The parties write that they want the city council to enter into talks with the housing corporations to better distribute the available living space in the city.

They suggested that this should happen with the start of a pilot project. This project should involve moving certain target groups, such as the elderly, to homes that are better suited to their living situation. The relocation should then be arranged in a ‘cost-neutral’ way so that it does not cost the people concerned any money.


The parties state that single persons or elderly people living in a single-family house can move to a flat with financial support from the municipality. This would then make room for people who do have a family, or who want to start one.

The parties also request the municipal executive to give housing corporations a preferential position when allocating plots of land in the city. In this way, the corporations get the chance to build the homes that are most needed in Eindhoven, including social housing. The four housing corporations in the city had previously advocated this.

Assisted living

Finally, the parties want the municipal executive to discuss the distribution of assisted living with the corporations. They want to make sure that the target group is distributed throughout the city. This should prevent a situation where there are relatively many assisted living facilities in some neighbourhoods and relatively few in others. That would be best for the various neighbourhoods in the city, but also for the target group itself, according to the authors of the motion.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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