A Woman and three others arrested for money laundering

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The police have arrested a woman in a house in the Woenselse Heide district. They suspected her of receiving stolen goods and money laundering. Besides the woman, three other persons were arrested for further investigation.

The arrest followed when a number of expensive items were found on the back seat of a car during a check on Wednesday night. This happened on the Tarwelaan. According to the police, the occupants could not give a convincing reason about the Apple laptop and expensive cosmetics that were in the back seat.

That was reason enough to search the vehicle. Police found a bank card that the occupants obtained through ‘spoofing’. A form of fraud in which the perpetrators call the number of a bank and pretend to be bank employees. Police also recovered a cell phone and 1200 euros in cash from one of the suspects. They recognised the co-driver from an internal briefing. He would have used the looted bank cards to buy the Apple stuff.

Woenselse Heide
The police then went to a house in the Woenselse Heide where again many luxury games were found as well as a new Apple laptop in its packaging. Also 15.000 euro in cash was found together with several bank cards.

A total of three people were arrested as a result of the find. The police said that the items found were confiscated and if possible will be returned to the original owners.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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