Questions over financial aid for young people

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In September, the Eindhoven government started a program to support vulnerable young people. Through this program, the youngsters would receive a contribution of 1,050 euros from the municipality for one year.

Financial support for vulnerable kids

Young people who participated in the program had previously told Studio040 that they were happy with the project. Now State Secretary Dennis Wiersma of Social Affairs and Employment is questioning whether the project is in line with current legislation.

Problems in the program

The State Secretary states that municipalities are not allowed to pursue an income policy themselves. Not even indirectly through the provision of subsidies. It would also be problematic that young people in the pilot project are allowed to earn extra money on top of the money they receive through the program.

Legally valid?

The fact that young people receive this amount of a social security benefit could also be problematic. Young people up to 21 years of age are usually not entitled to this because they are supposed to receive money from their parents. Only if they are not in the picture, or do not earn enough money themselves, can they be entitled to more money.

The State Secretary has therefore announced that he will call in the State Attorney to see whether the trial in Eindhoven is legally valid.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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