ISL finals to be held in Eindhoven

ISL finals in Eindhoven
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Besides the semi-finals, the finals of the International Swimming League (ISL) will also take place in Eindhoven. ISL announced this on Thursday. It will take place in the Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium. 

The finals of the swimming competition will take place on December 3 and 4. The semi-finals of the tournament will start from November 10 to 28.

Due to the corona crisis, the organization decided to hold the finals in Eindhoven.  The municipality was happy to do.

But that was only possible when the swimming associations agreed to the plan. Previously, the swimming associations did not like the arrival of the swimming tournament. It was at the expense of the swimming facilities for the associations themselves.

Now the associations have got compensation. Between the semi-finals and finals (from November 29 to December 2) they can use the water in the Pieter van den Hoogeband Stadium. So, they agreed to the have the finals. ISL is also releasing 100 tickets for the swimming associations to attend the finals.

ISL pays
The swimming League has also agreed to pay the costs of organizing the finals: just under 50,000 euros. Eindhoven may thereby make the first bid for the organization of an ISL event in 2022 and 2023.

With the arrival of the finals of the swimming tournament, Eindhoven also expects to gain economically. It was expected that the city would earn about 2.5 million euros from the arrival of the tournament. That includes higher revenues in the hospitality industry. That amount is now likely to be even higher. A total of 1600 tickets for the tournament have been sold, of which 500 people from abroad are coming to Eindhoven.


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