Scan car hands out 3500 fines every month

Scan car hands out 35. fines per month
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End of May, Eindhoven Municipality started using the scan car. It is a car that automatically checks parked cars to see if they are paying for their parking space.

Six months later, the municipality shared the findings. The car has scanned some 800,000 cars until now. The number of fines issued by the scans has now risen to some 3,500 per month.

“Biggest plus is that the control of parkers who pay correctly (or have a permit) does not a lot of skill,” the municipality informed. “The scan car determines that in seconds. But also the imposition of the surcharge on motorists who have not paid is faster.”

The municipality is also satisfied with the effect that the scan car has on parking problems. The more checks are made, the better the paid parking policy works. “The number of motorists who pay for parking has increased because of the scan car. Based on this higher willingness to pay, the conclusion is that the policy against parking nuisance is more effective than before”, according to the municipality of Eindhoven.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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