Fontys to research moral-technological questions

Fontys moral data city hunt
Photo credit: HTC/ Studio040

New technological developments bring moral questions with them. Fontys, together with the High Tech Campus and Games for Health, will investigate how the people of Eindhoven view these questions.

Where can drones fly to deliver packages? And are these drones allowed to store images they make, so that the police can use them for investigation purposes? Who should get priority at the traffic lights: the old diesel truck or the electric car? The car that pollutes when it is parked or should you give priority to the environmentally friendly car – which not everyone can afford?

These are just a few of the moral issues raised by the development of drones, camera technology and the arrival of electric cars. Fontys students are going to investigate how the people of Eindhoven feel about these dilemmas.

The high school will do this with a project called the Moral Data City Hunt. It is part of research conducted by the Moral Design Strategy research group. “In the moral lab, residents are presented with urban dilemmas that they have to think about”, professor Bart Wernaart says. “Via the Personal Values Dictionary, the values that the residents consider important are mapped out. In this way, residents can get a grip on ethical considerations that are normally hidden in technology”.

“The Moral Data City Hunt is organised to make residents more aware of the ethical aspects of technological issues”, councillor Stijn Steenbakker says. “We want to test research tools so that we can better understand what kind of ethical solutions residents find desirable”.

The City Hunt takes place on Thursday 2 December. Fontys says it hopes to make this an annual event, and to roll it out to other cities.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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