Learning in holiday mode at WEET IK VEEL! festival

Photo credit: Katinka van de Brug/Studio040

The WEET IK VEEL! festival that is being organised for the fourth time this year at Strijp-S for children to learn, but most of all to have great fun.

Children up to 12 years old can participate in various workshops. Organiser of the festival Wouter van Niel says: “We have a very diverse range of workshops, from programming to making ice cream, to BMX and even a poetry workshop where the children learn how to put it on Instagram in a very cool way”.

Wouter van Niel’s aim is to teach children to think creatively themselves. Van Niel: “There is no right or wrong, nor is there just one solution to a problem. By working together and trying different things, the children can come up with all kinds of results. Jeroen de Vries of the Eindhoven Library explains how this works: “For example, they can let a robot make a certain route. They learn how to program in a playful way. Ultimately, the robot has to go from a to b. How it gets there can be done in different ways”.

The festival is set up in cooperation with the Eindhoven Library and the Natlab. Van Niel: “I presented the idea a few years ago and eventually the WEET IK VEEL! festival came into being”. According to Van Niel, it is also the perfect preparation for the start of the new school year that begins again next week. “They have already put their grey matter back to work, but in holiday mode”, according to Van Niel.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob



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