Van Abbe Foundation questions plans for Stadhuisplein

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The Henri Van Abbe Foundation questions part of the plans that the council has for the redevelopment of Stadhuisplein.

According to the foundation, the council believes there is no time for a ‘thorough’ urban development plan for the redevelopment of the area. Because of the stretched housing market, the redevelopment is a matter of urgency.

The Van Abbe Foundation wonders how the supervisor, the Commissie Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit (Committee on Spatial Quality, CRK) and the local council can agree to plans for the square if there are empty spaces in the square and it is not clear what will come there. The foundation therefore wants the entire redevelopment to be worked out in a concrete plan.

According to the foundation, the lack of clarity is particularly evident in the destination of the former building of the Nederlands Katholiek Vakverbond (Dutch Catholic Union), next to the former court. “This building should be cherished and follows the line of sight from the Catharinakerk to the City Hall”, it says in the area framework.

Cherish before demolition
At the same time, in response to a question from the owner Nedbel, the Municipal Executive stated that the building may indeed be demolished for new construction. “Demolition and new construction are indeed possible at the Begijnenhof 35 location. The building has no protective status”, the council says.

The Van Abbe Foundation wonders how you can simultaneously cherish something and have it demolished anyway. The foundation therefore wants the council to take a stand against the demolition of the row of buildings.


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