Emergency accommodation for ‘t Schrijverke after all

Photo credit: Larissa Gomes Meyer/Studio040

Primary school ‘t Schrijverke, in the Mierlo district of Luchen, can look forward to extra classrooms to solve the school’s housing shortage.

The Municipal Executive of Geldrop-Mierlo did not want to consider this for a long time. According to the legal description there was enough space for the school to accommodate all the pupils and for a long time that seemed to be the end of the matter, much to the displeasure of the parents.

At the end of July, things finally moved ahead. In a specially convened council meeting, it was decided that a solution for the lack of space was needed after all. The city council held the other school boards in the municipality responsible.

It appears that this attitude has had the desired effect. The emergency classrooms will be placed opposite ‘t Schrijverke, on the other side of Kwikstaart. “Access for car traffic will take place via the industrial estate De Bijenkorf”, the municipality announces.

“When Vlinderlaan is extended in the direction of Luchen Noord, the connection will be improved by the construction of a traffic-inhibiting plateau. From ‘t Schrijverke this will create a safe crossing in the direction of the new location”, the municipality says.

Final placement
To make the location of the emergency classrooms final, the necessary studies are still ongoing. For example, the emergency classrooms must undergo structural research and it must become clear what the operation will cost exactly. Then the spatial layout must be made. In September, the definitive planning for the placement of the extra location must be known.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob



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