Lots of enthusiasm for ‘Eindhoven’ days out

Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

Paddleboarding on the Dommel or go-karting on Landsardseweg: for the people who are not going on holiday because of corona restrictions, such a day out in their own region is a nice alternative.

A lot of young Max Verstappens walk onto the karting track in red overalls. They squeeze themselves into the cars and moments later the starting signal is given. Revving up, they drive off. It’s busy at the karting track near Eindhoven Airport. All the rides are booked up with day-trippers.

“That’s fine by us”, Simone Feijen, of De Landsard Kombi Kartcircuit, says. “They are mainly people who are not going on holiday or families who are camping near here. We have created an online reservation system and it’s really taking off”.

It is a blessing for many businesses, such a stream of day-trippers who want to be entertained with a fun family activity. A few kilometres down the road, people are also enjoying a trip, but in a totally different ambience: wobbling on a paddleboard, they explore the Dommel. “It’s really fun, you see all sorts of things pass by and while you’re at it you can eat and chat with each other”, a Flemish holidaymaker says. She did not take the plane this summer and has not regretted it for a moment. “I can recommend this to everyone!” she shouts and then paddles away.

More popular

Paddleboarding is a relatively new activity in Eindhoven, Marleen Backx, owner of the Eindhoven Sup Club, says. It has become more popular since the corona crisis. “When we started here a few years ago, nobody actually used the Dommel. Now, all the activities we organise are well attended. More and more people from Eindhoven are trying it out for themselves”.

On the kart track, two brothers have just stepped out of the go-kart. They take off their helmets and you can see that they are still enjoying themselves. “Normally we always go to America to see our family in the summer”, Seven Verspaget says. “But that is not an option this year”. He loves karting, but there is still a little nagging feeling that he is not in the United States at the moment. “I really hope we can do it again next year”, he sighs.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob


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