Local residents frustrated by late air traffic; ‘We are doing what we can’

Photo credit: Marco de Gier/Studio040

That was the advantage of the corona crisis, the peace and quiet that people living near Eindhoven Airport experienced when  air traffic was forced to a halt.

But the silent period has now come to an end. For Eindhoven Airport this means a busy holiday period. Earlier, the airport announced that it expected only 3,000 flights in August.

But although people living in the neighbourhood of the airport can live with the fact that air traffic has been resumed, it bothers them that the time limit of 23:00 is regularly exceeded. The reason for this is as follows: in the agreements between Eindhoven Airport and local residents, it was agreed that no scheduled flights would be allowed to land at the airport after 23:00.

This does not include delayed flights. “It happens several times a week that a flight arrives after 23:00”, Seyno Sluyterman, of the Eindhoven Airport Residents’ Association says. “Now I, for one, do not have small children. But there are plenty of people in the area who do. For them, it is annoying when planes are still racing over the neighbourhood after 11pm”.

Limits of the agreements
But that is not even the biggest problem, according to Sluyterman. “The annoying thing is that there is a feeling that the airport is pushing the boundaries of what has been agreed. Okay, the agreement is that delayed flights may land after 23:00. But then there is no need to continuously make use of that exception. It is not conducive to the relationship between the airport and local residents, while that relationship had been improving”.

Do not violate agreements
Eindhoven Airport states through its spokesperson that it is not aware of any faults. “The agreements are simply that no flights are scheduled after 23:00. That is not happening, but delayed flights are allowed to land after that time. We are not violating any agreements by doing so. We do understand that it is not pleasant for people living in the neighbourhood if aircraft arrive after 23:00. We do everything we can to prevent this, but we cannot give any guarantees”, the spokesperson concludes.

Source: www.studio40.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob


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