TU/e recruits independent ombudsman

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At the TU/e, an independent ombudsman will soon be starting work. The university is currently looking to recruit someone for this position.

From this month onwards, universities are obliged to appoint an independent ombudsman. The ombudsman can respond to reports or complaints from students and employees about possible wrongdoings. This may concern inappropriate behaviour, intimidation or lack of researcher integrity.

The position of ombudsman has already been advertised. As soon as someone has been found, he or she will be able to start as soon as possible, a spokesperson at the TU/e says. According to the Eindhoven University, it is important that an ombudsman is appointed, because it ‘increases the possibilities for people who are in trouble’.

Currently, many Dutch universities lack an ombudsman. Last week, the Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that many students studying for a PhD have to deal with abuse, such as bullying or exclusion. Furthermore, examples of racism and sexually inappropriate behaviour were mentioned. At the beginning of last month, the TU/e itself launched an investigation into racism, discrimination and abuse of power. This was prompted by signals of misconduct by researchers and professors.

Source: www.studio040.nl

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