12 ‘Lucky Charms’ for the elderly

Photo credit: Studio040

The children from Floralaan primary school filled these lucky charm boxes with wishes and compliments.

All the children from the primary school, from group 3 upwards, have written wishes and compliments on letters and cards. They put the letters in boxes to give to the elderly. “Besides being fun for the elderly, we think it contributes to more unity and citizenship education”, director Arabella Ganzeman says.

The children want to boost the residents, who have also been going through a difficult time, with this gesture. In the past, the children would have baked pancakes with the elderly, but that was not possible due to the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, the children wanted to give the elderly a helping hand. “This is a difficult time for the elderly as well. Just like for the children”, 11-year-old Maxime says. “We came up with this idea with all the children from the student council to make sure they had an enjoyable day.”

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob



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