Park Hilaria can receive 450,000 visitors with extra security guards

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Despite the corona rules still in force, Park Hilaria expects to be able to receive 450,000 visitors next week. However, more security guards and ‘crowd managers’ are being deployed to steer the Eindhoven fair in the right direction.

With the extra security guards and slightly larger site, the organisation hopes to create extra space for queues. Visitors can then keep sufficient distance from each other. Besides, special pressure gauges and counting cameras would track whether there are too many people inside. The website shows whether it is a suitable time to come. “We are calling on people to spread out. It is always busy at the beginning of the evening. We want to ask people to also use the afternoon”, explains Mariola Scheepstra of organiser Eindhoven247.

Park Hilaria is regarded as a so-called ‘flow-through event’. This means that large groups of people are allowed under a number of conditions. The terraces on the site may therefore also be open half an hour longer than those at the catering industry in the city centre.


If the Hilaria site becomes crowded, the organisation would intervene. “Then we close the entrances for a while until things have calmed down again.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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