Local party wants vacant retirement home rentals filled

Unoccupied elderly homes
Photo credit: Studio040

The Ouderen Appel party has been notified that several unoccupied elderly rental homes are available in the Eindhoven region. These rental homes have been unoccupied for quite a long time, while there is currently a housing shortage in the region.

Therefore, the political party wants to know from housing corporations how they intend to solve this problem. This is what the Ouderen Appel said in a letter to the housing corporations Thuis, Archipel, Trudo, Woonbedrijf, Vestide and Wooninc.

The political party wants to know more details from the housing corporations that how many rental properties are vacant for more than two months, with a break down of housing type and district. In addition, the Ouderen Appel is curious about the cause of the unoccupied homes.

Finally, council member Niek Rennenberg wants to see an end to this problem, especially given the current housing shortage. He wants to know from the housing corporations how they intend to solve the problem. Tackling this problem might solve some of the housing shortage issues in the Eindhoven region.

Source: www.Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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