F040D met Brunchchick: Should I stay or should I go?

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Food blogger Brunchchick writes about everything related to food in (and around) culinary and trendy Eindhoven. This time: To go or to stay, what are you doing this summer?

“Since the latest relaxations, travelling is allowed again, and the borders are slowly opening for the Dutch,” she writes. “My social media timeline is now exploding with holiday announcements and photos of the most beautiful holiday destinations. It almost seems like you are out of the game if you don’t have a holiday planned yet.”

“Personally, it gives me a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). And this is, of course, not strange at all. Because who isn’t ready for a beautiful trip after such a long time of not travelling!”

International Eindhoven

“But, it isn’t at all necessary to book a holiday to a beautiful international destination to enjoy foreign atmospheres. Due to its international status as a design city, Eindhoven counts a large number of ex-pats. The language spoken at some of the companies is English (also in restaurants). And the number of restaurants with foreign cuisines is through the roof.”

How about making a culinary world trip without actually having to travel? All in beautiful, fun-filled Eindhoven. We start the evening with oysters at our favourite Spanish bodega.”

“We continue with a fresh truffle pasta as ‘primi’ at the Italian with atmosphere. For the main course, we eat enchiladas at that new Mexican place, and dessert is French. Then we end the dinner with Afghan tea and baklava.”

Sounds good, right?

“To stay suddenly sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it? This summer, I’m opting for ‘to-go.  I’ve already had my first vaccination (with number two scheduled).”

“And I am looking forward to our holiday to Italy. The highlight of the trip – visiting Osteria Francescana. Because I honestly think no to-stay restaurant in Eindhoven can compete with this.”

“Culinary love,

Jessie Oosterbosch is a blogger and influencer at Brunchchick. She is a great food lover but not good at making choices. She prefers to eat a little bit of everything. Her weekly Sunday brunch is sacred to her. On her platform, Brunchchick, she blogs about the best, tastiest and hippest breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner hotspots. And about her life as a burgeoning entrepreneur and everything that comes with that.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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