Southeast Brabant labor market’s recover will be almost complete

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Employment in Southeast Brabant will almost return to pre-coronavirus levels in 2021. That is the prognosis of the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

Due to the corona crisis, the number of working people in the region fell sharply. The number was 319,000 in 2019 and became 317,000 in 2020. UWV expects the labour market to recover almost completely this year, to 318,700 employees.

There is a gap in other regions in the province. For example, Central and West Brabant particularly has a large decline in the number of employed people. This is especially because 22,000 flex jobs were lost in the province due to the pandemic.


Southeast Brabant is also doing very well nation-wise. It is one of the three regions where the expected job growth is more than 0.5%. The neighbouring Helmond-De Peel region also does well with the number between 0.2% to 0.5%. For the other regions in the Netherlands, the number of jobs is expected to remain around the same this year or even decrease further.

As reported earlier, Southeast Brabant is the only region in the country whose economy grew in the first quarter of 2021.

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Translator: Shufei

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