People in Nuenen worried about new road

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Residents of Nuenen East are concerned about the possible arrival of a new road through the wooded area east of the village to tackle traffic problems in and around the municipality.

These problems are by no means new. Motorists use Nuenen to drive from Laarbeek and Beek en Donk towards Eindhoven, which causes a lot of traffic nuisance in the town. The municipality wants to investigate several options for tackling this traffic nuisance. One of these is Oosterlijke Randweg.

This would run from Gerwen to a new junction on the A270 motorway. According to local residents, this option would be disastrous. That’s why some concerned residents set up the Stichting Belangen Nuenen-Oost (BNO). This citizens’ interests foundation wants the council to take the Randweg Oost option off the table.

Wooden areas

“There are two nature reserves in Nuenen”, chairman Dieter Frainkin says. “The largest of these is the Stiphoutse Bossen. Many Nuenen residents use this nature reserve.”

“The ring road would run right through it. It would also be bad for the biodiversity in the woods. Moreover, the road isn’t a logical option at all for through traffic. It would only slightly reduce the town’s traffic pressure.”

Frainkin adds that the traffic pressure in Nuenen is a regional problem for which the municipality must find a local solution. “It has to do with the wider mobility in the region, not just in Nuenen, but it is the municipality of Nuenen and its residents who are saddled with the problem. A better solution would have been to construct the window, but that was rejected by both local politicians and the provincial authorities”.

‘Critics not heard’

That’s why Frainkin is concerned about the bypass, which is only one of three options being considered. “Together with three other members of BNO, I’m also active in the working group set up by the municipality for the traffic issue, in the context of citizen participation. But they won’t hear critical voices from the working group.”

“The province and municipality only take suggestions and comments that fit with the view of into account”, Frainkin says. “That’s why we’ve also submitted two WOB (public administration act) requests. We want to know whether they made agreements beforehand about the ring road, as this is suspected”, Frainkin says.


Translated by: Bob

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