NXP wants to raise $2 billion for energy-saving chip development

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Chip producer NXP Semiconductors will market 2 billion dollars (around 1.66 billion euros) in green bonds for developing energy-saving chips. Such chips can be used in adapters and electric vehicles, among other things.

Part of the proceeds will be used for the research and development of innovative green chips. This includes battery monitoring and energy management for electric and hybrid cars. NXP also works on technologies for smart buildings and energy efficiency measures.

Chip manufacturers generally recognise that manufacturing involves significant emissions of harmful substances. According to NXP, it has been possible to reduce perfluorocarbons (PFC) greenhouse gas emissions by 66%.

Worldwide shortage

Meanwhile, there is great shortage of chips worldwide. For example, the car manufacturer production lines has come to a standstill. Tech companies such as Apple and Samsung have also cut their production because of the chip shortage.

NXP, a former Philips division, employs some 29,000 people worldwide in more than 30 countries. The company generated sales of $8.6 billion last year. NXP has put $1 billion worth of green bonds on the market in April last year.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei

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