Students protest against new rules on room rental

Students protesting against room rentals
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A group of students is protesting today against the new rules in Eindhoven regarding room occupancy. Eighteen student clubs support this protest.

The student groups of the TU/e, Fontys, and Design Academy are participating in this event, among others. There is also support from political youth organizations.  The National Student Union and regional study, sports, culture, and student umbrella organizations are supporting too.

New rules
The students already expressed alarm last week regarding new rules. Hundreds of students will lose their staying accommodation if the municipality enforces the rules strictly. It is a big concern.  Within a circle of thirty meters from a room rental building, a house cannot be split up again.  That is the new rule. The municipality has marked several neighborhoods as ‘locked’.  No more room rental accommodations are possible in these areas. Sometimes people rent out rooms without having proper permission. This rule also tackles those situations. There is a risk of such people losing their homes.

“Adding value”
“Because of the rules, many student houses in the city are almost disappearing. Eindhoven students and associations are invaluable to the city. Every year we organize many initiatives for good causes, local residents, and fellow students. These include neighborhood barbecues and Liberation040 festival,” said president Mijntje van der Lande of the Eindhoven Student Corps, prior to the action on the Stadhuisplein.

Students are suffering
“The intention to materialize more new student housing is a good one. But the rules are making the existing shortage much worse.  We can’t find a solution this way and the students are the ones who suffer”, says Joelle Bink, party chair of student party DAS at the TU/e.

According to the organization, the action Tuesday afternoon is ‘completely corona proof’. Tuesday evening the city council debates on the subject.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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