King Willem-Alexander to drive historic royal DAF car during Eindhoven visit

DAF car
Photo credit: Studio040

There is only one of DAF’s so-called Kini cars in existence. DAF engineers built the small, roofless car with no doors in 1967 as a gift to Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus to celebrate Willem-Alexander’s birth. After being on display at the DAF Museum for several years, Willem-Alexander will drive it again during his King’s Day visit to Eindhoven on Tuesday.

The car’s unique design was intended to allow the royals to enjoy warm weather journeys. Photographers captured a young Willem-Alexander sitting on his mother’s lap as his father drove it.

Part of the King’s visit to Eindhoven includes watching a parade of cars that have been designed and made in the Eindhoven region. One of those cars is the Kini. ‘Willem-Alexander himself already indicated that he’s looking forward to driving the Kini on Tuesday,’ says Geert Vermeer, the DAF Museum’s chairman.


‘It took a lot of effort to get the car ready,’ Vermeer explains. ‘The car was on the first floor, right at the back of the museum. The entire museum had to be rearranged to get it out, but it worked in the end.’

The blue car has the King’s name etched onto it. Vermeer says, ‘it’s special to let the King drive the car again. It’s an honour.’

willem-alexander car
Photo credit: Studio040


Source: Studio040

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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