Eindhoven hospitality industry launches ‘safe capacity’ quality assurance mark

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Eindhoven’s hospitality industry has launched the so-called ‘safe capacity’ quality assurance mark. The aim is to make the venue’s capacity, according to coronavirus regulations, immediately visible to customers and authorities.

The mark consists of a sticker that venues can display in their window. The sticker states the maximum number of visitors allowed in the venue. This number is determined by a tool which calculates how many tables fit at 1.5 metres distance. The tool takes into account things like walkways, exits and other furniture in the venue. In order to apply, venues must submit the calculation and a floor plan to their local municipal council for approval.

Hospitality bosses say that whilst it remains their own responsibility to make sure the capacity is not exceeded, the safe capacity mark makes clear what the limits are. The limits can change according to changing government rules for tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Restaurant 1910, At the Movies and Down Town Gourmet Market are just some of Eindhoven’s hospitality venues who already have their sticker in their windows. Eindhoven City Council reports that a further 50 applications are pending. Other Dutch cities are said to have shown interest, too.

Local councillor, Monique List-de Roos, speaks out in support of the scheme. ‘If the hospitality industry can open its doors again soon, it should be done in a welcoming and responsible manner. It is great that hospitality entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to launch the safe capacity mark themselves. This will help guests to feel safe, and makes the work of law enforcement officers a bit easier,’ she says.


Source: Studio040 and Eindhoven City Council press release

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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