TU/e will continue with the quota: at least 30% female

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After a number of adjustments, TU/e can continue with the policy of getting more women into scientific positions. The ambition remains at least 30% of academic staff being female.

The judge previously ruled that the university discriminates against men with its policy of recruiting more women. TU/e adjusted its recruitment policy accordingly.

The Dutch Institute for Human Rights agrees with the changes. In particular, the institute says the revised policy does not make the prohibited distinction based on gender. The approach is now focused more on combating the imbalance between men and women, especially in those places where there are major differences. The ratio between men and women is now being looked at more per faculty and per function.


What remains is that only female candidates are allowed to apply for certain vacancies in the first six months. The hiring policy will run at least until 2024.

“We are very pleased that we can now continue this successful program”, says TU/e chairman, Robert-Jan Smits. “Our goal remains that within five years, at least thirty per cent of the academic staff will be female. Because at that percentage, a minority is no longer perceived as a minority. ”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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