Water Board searching for Eindhoven residents ‘temporarily sidelined’

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Photo Credit: Studio040

The Dommel water board is looking for residents ‘who have been sidelined for a while because of a broken study programme, unemployment, incapable to work or retire’. The water board shall try to creatively solve the problems with these people. 

The water board has set up a foundation to attract these inhabitants. The name of the foundation is Richter Education Foundation. They’re offering a learning path to residents who are temporarily sidelined or are in danger of being sidelined. The course offers the chance to work together to solve problems in the areas of quality of life and sustainability.

“Participation in a course offers opportunities to participate meaningfully in society, to use one’s talents, to learn new skills and to meet new people,” says the Water Board. Participation in a learning trajectory is free. They are coaching 4 teams consisting of 5 residents each quarter. They are teaching ‘problem solving skills’ and trying to creatively solve problems together.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta


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