Vendors irate about non-food ban

Market, Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

At the Eindhoven markets, only food stands are welcome due to the anti-COID-19 restrictions.

On Tuesday, eight political parties submitted a motion to allow more stalls on the market with immediate effect. Municipalities are allowed to deviate slightly from the National Health Department guidelines. Stalls with flowers, toiletries and pet supplies are allowed to open.

According to Ruud van Acquoij, 50Plus’ chairman, market vendors in other towns are already being allowed to operate. This party¬†wants to know whether Eindhoven will join those ranks.

Vendor, Paul Bol, is one of those who aren’t allowed to open his stall. He sold masks and hand gel. “It’s not right that the florist across the street is allowed to sell flowers, but we’re not.”

50Plus thinks the motion will be adopted. They’re eagerly anticipating the council’s decision.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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