Eindhoven riots: prison sentences of up to 8 months

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Multiple suspects in the riots received their prison sentences on Wednesday afternoon. Besides, they have to pay compensation for the damage incurred during the riots.

Back on 24 January, hundreds of people demonstrated against the corona measures in the city centre. Later riots broke out and the station was destroyed. For example, a ProRail car was destroyed, stones were thrown at the station and the Jumbo in the station was looted.

Looting the Jumbo

The 35-year-old Ruengelo A. from Weert was sentenced to eight months in prison unconditionally. The judge finds it proven that A. looted the Jumbo and thrown stones at the police. The images show that the suspect has the Jumbo’s cash drawer under his arm while on his other hand is a Red Bull can which he took from the supermarket. A photo shows that A. with a clenched fist takes a “hostile attitude” towards the police. Besides, police officers recognised him as one of the people who threw stones at the police.

During the hearing, various claims were discussed where different parties wish to recover the damages. As a result, the suspect was ultimately sentenced to pay more than 9,000 euros for looting the Jumbo. The amount will be divided if others are convicted of the same crime.

Destroying water cannon

The 48-year-old Marcel de R. from Nunspeet will be jailed for three months with a two-month suspension. The suspect threw a bicycle under the water cannon, causing a flat tire as shown in images. “I saw a lady being sprayed from a short distance by the water cannon. It gave me a feeling of injustice and impotence. I wanted to make the water cannon harmless by bicycle.”, De R. says so. He also have to pay for the damage which is around 2,500 euros.

De R. previously served as a veteran in the army in Bosnia. He says that his experiences in Bosnia have caused him to suffer post-traumatic stress and cannot stand injustice. “I was not able to personally help anyone there. Saw many children along the way, but could not help them.”

Filming the looting

The 25-year-old Dennis K. was sentenced to six months in jail, two of which are conditional. This is because he participated in the looting and also reported it online. According to K., he has studied media for four years and was at the curfew riots to report. “The station was a public space. I thought I could go in. I walked in with the crowd and got carried away. Then I picked up apple juice. I filmed that for the atmosphere of the video. Then I left the apple juice.”, says K.

However, the Public Prosecutor finds K. a rioter instead of a reporter. “The fact is that K. kicked the ProRail car. It is also the fact that he entered the Jumbo, took cigarettes, put them in his bag and then walked away. As far as the OM is concerned, K. is a rioter and not a reporter.”

The judge says to the suspect. “It was a dramatic day for Eindhoven, but also for you. You have a clean criminal record. This gives the wrong push in the direction of your life.”

Source: Studio040, Studio040, Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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