Local party wants to delay King’s visit on King’s Day

kings day
Photo credit: Sammie Leermakers (Studio040)

LPF has urged Eindhoven City Council to ask King Willem-Alexander to delay his visit to Eindhoven until 2022. The King has plans to celebrate King’s Day in Eindhoven this year.

LPF is a local political party. It is named after Pim Fortuyn, a right-wing politician who was assassinated in 2002.

LPF argues that the King’s visit is worthy of a real celebration. That is, of course, not possible due to the ongoing measures against coronavirus. If it was postponed a year, a bigger celebration could be held, which local entrepreneurs would also benefit from.

Eindhoven municipality has allegedly spent €1.75 million preparing for the King’s visit. LPF says that this money can be better spent on providing financial aid to residents of Eindhoven who have been financially affected by the pandemic.

LPF says they are sure the King would consider its proposal.


Source: Studio040

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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