Local solar team ends Solar Challenge run

The Eindhoven University of Technology’s Solar Team Eindhoven has gained fame in recent years.

This student team won the Solar Challenge in Australia. Now, they’ve announced they will no longer participate in this solar-powered car race. These teams have won the past four of these races.

That, and the Lightyear launch means Solar Team Eindhoven won’t take part in this year’s race. Lightyear is a startup that wants to produce commercially-available solar cars. “For us, the Solar Challenge was always a means, not an end,” team manager, Kjell Revenberg, says.


“We want to become market leaders. Over the past months, we brainstormed about what our next step will be. We concluded that we don’t want to race in the Solar Challenge anymore. We want to take a different path.”

Revenberg doesn’t elaborate on what course that will be. “We’ll be able to reveal more later in the year,” he says, cryptically. The Solar Challenge should go ahead from 22 to 30 October this year.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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