For most Brabanders, christmas dinner is self cooked this year

Christmas dinner self cooked for Branders
Photo Credit: Pixabay, RitaE

This Christmas is different in many ways. Most residents of Brabant, shall cook for themselves at Christmas; a quarter shall choose to have their christmas meal delivered or picked up.

This appears from a research conducted by Newcom on behalf of Omroep Brabant.

This means that almost a quarter of all meals at Christmas are not made in their own kitchen. In total, 23 percent of all Brabanders have food delivered or will pick it up at a caterer, restaurant or pickup service.

However, most Brabanders are shall cook their own menu in the kitchen this Christmas. Approximately 44 percent of all Brabanders shall themselves prepare an extensive meal in their own kitchen. Even gourmets or fondues are still doing well in the province. Nearly 30 percent of all survey participants say they are doing one of the two popular roasting methods this year. 21 percent say they plan ‘nothing special’ and prepare ‘normal food’.

The budget
Then the question arises: how much should that food and drink cost? That varies enormously. When it comes to both food and drink, most Brabanders (34 percent) spend between €50 and €100. Exactly a quarter of the participants in the survey keeps the budget for food and drink below €50.

9 percent said they didn’t spend anything at all on refreshments this year. A quarter of the people spend more than €100. Less than one percent wants to spend more than €500 euros.
36 percent of the Brabanders say they will not spend on gifts this year. When it comes to Christmas items, 32 percent of people don’t spend any money.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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