Ikea’s bringing in Bring Back Friday

Photo credit: IKEA

This year, IKEA is launching Bring Back Friday.

This campaign is aimed at bringing attention to the Swedish home goods giant’s Furniture Trade-in service. IKEA buys back furniture that’s still in good condition from customers for a reduced price. This service is now available in all Dutch stores.

It contributes to IKEA’s ambition to be circular and climate positive by 2030. IKEA is specifically launching this campaign around Black Friday. That day is globally associated with excessive consumption.

Bring it back

The Bring Back Friday campaign runs from 20 November to 3 December. IKEA wants to give its customers an extra incentive to sell back their furniture. “This service enables us to offer good quality second-hand furniture in our stores,” Hanneke van de Vijfeijke, Sustainability Manager at IKEA Netherlands.

“It makes it easy and financially attractive for both seller and buyer to make a sustainable choice. It’s a step within our ambition to become circular. We want to give 20,000 products a second life in a new home this year, in this way.”

People can register their pre-loved IKEA furniture, and its condition, on IKEA.nl. They will then receive a free price offer from IKEA. This varies between 30 and 50% of the original purchase amount.


When you bring the furniture back to IKEA, you’ll get an IKEA voucher valued at the price offer. The goods’ condition must, however, match the information given online. The voucher is valid indefinitely.

According to IKEA, that gives people time to think carefully about their purchase, and so avoid impulse buys. IKEA resells the furniture in its well-known Bargain Corners. They do so at the same price as the value of the voucher.

Source: IKEA

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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