Getting a dancing start to the national school breakfast

Source: Studio040

The national school breakfast initiative is in full swing this week. An estimated half a million children will be enjoying breakfast together at school. This is also the case at De Regenboog in Geldrop.

The national school breakfast’s goal is to make children more aware of the importance of good nutrition. Besides nutrition, health is also dependent on sufficient amounts of movement. The children at De Regenboog performed a dance specially dedicated to the staff of St. Anna Hospital. “We’re focussing on community,” says school leader Ellen van Bindsbergen. “For example: what can you mean to others? When we started brainstorming with the kids, this idea cropped up. It’s such a nice idea.”

After the dance, all the kids took their seats at the table. “It’s so important to teach kids what healthy food and nutrition is. That’s what we’re trying to convey here,” says teacher Manoek Bruijsten. “And of course it’s fitting for the teachers to arrive at school in their pyjamas this morning,” she laughs.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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