Americans in Leende see light at the end of the tunnel

America couple hopeful of win
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It is still uncertain whether Joe Biden will become the new resident of the White House. But the American couple Cheryl and Terry Byod are pinning their hopes on him. From their farm in Leenderstrijp, they have watched patiently Donald Trump scandalizing their country for four years.

According to Cheryl Boyd, the world needs a new president. A man who just does his job, rules the country and cares about the people, instead of himself. “Since Trump, not a day has gone by without a scandal, a story about corruption, accusation and disinformation to distract attention. The country has been at a standstill for four years. While so much has to be done. A normal, decent president who gets to work, that’s what we crave”.

The Boyd couple settled four years ago from Louisville, Kentucky in Leenderstrijp, just below Eindhoven. They run a communication agency for English speaking expats in Europe. They admire the ‘boring’ political system of the Netherlands, which at least still offers room for substantive discussion. Cheryl: “Can you imagine Mark Rutte getting away with such a thick list of accusations and misconduct? Terry: “What Trump does is sometimes criminal. And it’s a shame that all that can happen in a democracy.”

While Terry’s life continues in anticipation of the election results, Cheryl has been plagued by election fever. “I go to bed late, wake up at night. Up early again.” Although Biden is numerically on the verge of victory, it can still go both ways, the Boyds realize. With Trump, you never know which rabbit he will conjure up from his hat. Yet, they are positive about a happy ending. Terry: “Biden crawls closer. You see it going in the right direction. A ray of light at the end of the tunnel”. Time to celebrate with the champagne.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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