Search for medieval ruins in city centre begins soon

stratumseind eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio0404

A search for remnants of Eindhoven’s medieval history will begin on Stratumseind next month.

The so-called ‘Stratumse Poort’ was located where the popular party location, Stratumseind, now stands. The ‘poort’, or gate, formed part of the city’s defence structures, which also consisted of ramparts and moats. It is one of the few brick buildings that existed at that time, in addition to the Marienhof monastery and Eindhoven Castle. Most buildings and structures were made of wood, clay and straw.

Deep trench

Researchers expect to find the remnants of the gate’s brick foundation, as well as parts of a wooden bridge that stood over the city moat. To investigate, researchers will dig a trench 2.5 metres deep and 10 metres long. An archaeologist will be present during the work.

If the gate is found, it will be uncovered and its details recorded. It will remain in the ground and will not be removed. Researchers will also check if the soil around the gate is likely to contaminate or corrode the gate. If it is, the soil will be cleaned.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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