Mario Götze spotted in Eindhoven

Mario Götze, when he played for the German National football team in 2011. Photo credit: Steindy/Wikicommons

Some ten supporters couldn’t wait to see Mario Götze on Tuesday evening.

The star footballer was at the Philips Stadium. The news had been all over Eindhoven that evening – the German star soccer player was spotted on Willemstraat. The black car in which he had been spotted had been waiting to drive safely into the stadium.

It was an eagle-eyed 12-year-old girl who spotted the car. Lyndi Rooijakkers took the photos that leaked the arrival of the star player. Late on Tuesday afternoon, Lyndi was in a chips shop of her father, Chris.

German car 

It’s on the corner of Willemstraat and Frederiklaan. They often see familiar PSV faces there. Suddenly, they saw the player guide, Mart van den Heuvel, waving at a large, black Mercedes with a German license plate.

The car had to wait for a while on the pavement in front of the Vonderhof care centre. “Maybe that’s a new player”, Chris said to his daughter. The car was parked for 15 mins. It seemed like they were checking if the coast was clear.

Lyndi walked towards the car and took some pictures. After studying the shots, they concluded that this could well be Mario Götze. Lyndi and her father weren’t planning to make the image public.

‘Mistakenly’ shared

So they told Studio040 on Tuesday evening. They only shared the photos in an app group with family. And then, due to a ‘mistake’, the image ended up in another app group. Others then tweeted it.

Then things moved very fast. The photos were shared and analysed by everyone. Football super fans agreed -it must be Götze. Lyndi finds it a bit odd that others took credit for her photos. She hopes that, in the end, she’ll be credited with the image.

After the spot where Lyndi took the photo, the car was seen at the front of the stadium, along Vonderweg. So Götze was still inside. He finally exited Philips Stadium at around 23:30.

He was still recognisable, even wearing his mask. He was loudly applauded by a small group after supporters and shortly after that PSV officially acknowledged his visit.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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