Council still seeking hundreds of internships

Eindhoven CIty Council
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The Municipality of Eindhoven is still looking for ‘a few hundred’ internship placements.

These are for secondary vocational education (MBO) students. They have found a sufficient number of internships for higher vocational education (HBO) students. That’s according to Councillor Stijn Steenbakkers.

He was responding to question from the VVD on Tuesday evening. “Before the summer, we saw that there was still a shortage of more than a thousand traineeships for the MBO students. There were a few hundred short for HBO students.

Several reasons for the shortage

“We’ve now managed to make up a large part of the shortfall.” There are several explanations for the shortfall, the councillor says. “Several companies have gone bankrupt.”

A few others are focusing on their products or services. That means they don’t have the time to supervise trainees”, Steenbakkers says. The city council will enter into discussions with companies to try to solve this internship shortage.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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