Airport might get new landing system

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Eindhoven Airport is considering purchasing a new landing system. 

They want to better direct air traffic. Upgrading the current landing system would mean the airport has fewer problems in bad weather. At present, when the weather is bad, aircraft have low visibility at the airport.

That’s because aeroplanes can only land if the pilot has 550 metres visibility on the runway. With a better system, pilots could land without even being able to see the runway.

In talks

Upgrading the landing system, however, isn’t as easy as that. The airport is in talks with several parties. These include Schiphol and Luchtverkeersleiding (Air Traffic Control) Nederland.

The airport will decide on a possible renewal in consultation with the Ministry of Defence. The ministry owns the runway. Were Eindhoven Airport to renew its landing system, it’ll probably be in around 2025. Major maintenance is also planned for that year.

Source: Studio040

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Editor: Melinda Walraven

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