TU/e-prof develops hydrogen reactor for industry

Photo Credit: Pixabay. Hydrogen can be extracted from water with a chemical reaction

TU/e-professor Fausto Gallucci has developed a reactor with which hydrogen can be produced on a small scale.

With a chemical reaction, methane and water are converted into hydrogen in this device.  Innovation Origins reports this.

Gallucci has founded a company to sell the reactors. According to him: “In future, hydrogen and other chemicals will no longer be produced centrally on a large scale. More companies will have their own reactors to produce the substances they need,” says Gallucci.

“Hydrogen, the way it is produced presently in small scale, is not efficient. That had to change. Our reactor is more energy efficient and easier to use on a small scale,” he continues. That’s both an economic and social progress. “The substances need not be transported. There’s also less waste generated. Companies are only making as much as they need. That’s better for the environment.”

Funded by Brussels
Gallucci’s hydrogen reactor was co-developed under a research which is largely funded by the European Union. “The fundamental research is expensive, but essential for future innovations. After further development in research and application, large companies are going to invest,” says professor Gallucci.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering class.



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