Eindhoven man takes city council to Supreme Court in row over 85 cents

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A man from Eindhoven is taking legal action against Eindhoven city council (Gemeente Eindhoven) because, he says, the tax refund he received was 85 cents too little. The case has now reached the Supreme Court.

In 2015, the city council assessed the man’s municipal taxes. Upon finding that he had overpaid, the council indicated he would be refunded €31.15. However, the man objected to this. He says that the amount should be rounded up to €32. Despite his objections, the man did receive the €31.15 to his bank account.


Two years later, the council found that they actually made a mistake in their calculations. This meant that the man was not entitled to €31.15, but actually only to €15.15. However, they told the man that he can keep the extra €15.

Third time’s a charm

Still believing that he is entitled to the extra 85 cents, the man took the case to court. He lost his case.

He then took his case to the Court of Appeals. This court declared that the man was entitled to an amount of between €16 and 26 but that, ultimately, he can keep the €31.15 that he received. Regarding those 85 cents, though, the Court of Appeals ruled that he is not entitled to receive them.

The man announced that he will not be defeated and is ready to pursue his case again at the Supreme Court.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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