New measures at Stratumseind

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New measures will apply at Stratumseind ​​from Friday evening. That is what the employers’ association of Stratumseind, Royal Horeca Eindhoven and the municipality of Eindhoven have decided together.

From Thursday to Saturday, additional stewards will patrol to ensure that visitors are following the rules. In addition, there is now a rule that guests will not get a seat without a reservation. This causes a problem with the passage of the street.

Cafés in the west
Spokesperson Ruud Bakker of the local department of Royal Horeca Netherlands hopes that these new corona measures will not follow in the same footsteps as cafés in the west. From yesterday, all cafes have to switch on their lights at midnight and they are no longer allowed to let new guests in. An hour later the venue should be empty.

Infections among young people
The number of infections is also increasing in Eindhoven, especially among young people. The hospitality industry has great difficulty in getting visitors to adhere to the corona rules. On Stratumseind ​​it is often so busy that no distance is kept and visitors do not all stay in their place. Bakker also noticed that it has recently become busier: “Everyone is back from vacation, so it is busier in the city. But we have to keep using the 1.5 meters for the safety of everyone.”

Earlier this week, Mayor Jorritsma indicated that he is concerned. “When I see these images, and we perceive that ourselves, then I worry about it,” he told Studio040. According to Jorritsma, the discussion that is taking place nationally is not an issue here. “I have absolutely no need to limit closing times. Because it is not the catering industry, it is the people. Do I really have to punish the catering industry that is already struggling for the behaviour of others?”

‘Preventing the catering industry from being blamed again’
“We also want to prevent the catering industry from being blamed again,” Bakker says. “I hope that this measure can contribute to the fact that the infections do not come from the catering industry and that the consumer is more aware that we must use our common sense.”

Possible access gates
Bakker understands when people are not happy with the new measures in Stratumseind. “But if the catering industry has to close, it is less positive for everyone.” The new measures were discussed in good consultation on Friday afternoon. “We are still working with the municipality to see if we can draw up a crowd management plan to keep the crowds under control.” This means that there may be access gates to limit the crowds at Stratumseind.

Source: Studio040

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