Eindhoven wants to help cyclists

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In the coming years, the Eindhoven municipality wants to make life easier for cyclists in the city.

For example, they are building on a new bicycle parking facility. They’re also working on an app that will get traffic lights to change quicker for cyclists. Currently, at Central Station, people often leave their bicycles outside the racks.

The city council wants to solve this problem. They are busy designing a new station square. That should be ready sometime in 2021. Also, during events in the city, the municipality has noticed that there are now many issues.

Bicycles are being parked randomly everywhere. So, here too, they’re trying to find a solution. They hope to have a plan ready in 2021.

Intersections to be adapted

Intersections in the city will be adapted, so cyclists won’t have to wait too long. One way of doing this is to put recognition loops in the cycle path earlier. Cyclists will be picked up sooner.

The city council also wants to improve traffic safety on Floraplein and Jasonstraat. And they’re going to put up preparing traffic lights for Schwung. This is an app that cyclists can use to let a traffic light know they’re approaching.

The traffic light then registers this sooner. It can, therefore, turn green for the cyclist sooner too. Testing of this app started in June 2019.

Recently, there have been problems getting the app to work. But the municipality expects these problems to be solved soon. The council wants to launch a campaign in October. They want to introduce people to the app and its functions.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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