Dutch wearable technology company starts research with two new technologies

LSG develops two new technologies
Photo Credit: Lifesense Group

LifeSense Group (LSG) develops wearable technologies that are used to improve people’s health and well-being. At the moment, they are developing two new products and are looking for participants to test the products.

The COVID-a9 situation brought in free time for the company. LSG has used this time to develop two new technologies: Oopsy Heroes Plus and the Carin Mini.

The Oopsie Heroes Plus is used for children who are bedwetting. It is now being tested in a new use situation. The company is investigating whether it can be used for toilet training. The research is going on to see if those children who cannot start their primary school as they’re not toilet trained, can be reduced.

Their second product is Carin Mini. It’s a completely new product and aimed at helping women with urinary incontinence. Carin Mini is a discreet, comfortable sensor to wear. They also have a training app which can help in training the pelvic muscles. For more information, please contact hi@carinwear.com.

LSG developing two new technologies
Photo Credit: Lifesense Group

Both products are still in the development phase. In the recent years, LSG has grown tremendously. it is based in the High Tech Campus.

Source: Persbericht Lifesense Group

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.






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