Speedometer depot rewards Eindhoven district

Every time a driver sticks to the speed limit, the digital sign will immediately show that they're contributed to the kitty. Photo credit: Ingar Brunnett

On Frankrijkstraat in Eindhoven, there will be a speedometer depot from Monday onwards. Every driver who keeps to the speed in this street brings money into the piggy bank. The total amount goes to a destination in the neighbourhood.

On Frankrijkstraat, near the primary school Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad, people often drive faster than the allowed 30 km/hour.  Speedometers that had been hanging in the street provided this evidence in the form of reports and measurements. The Municipality of Eindhoven wants to tackle this situation in a different way with the speedometer depot. Municipal executive Monique List kicked off this initiative on Monday, together with the management and pupils of primary school Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad.

Money in the piggy bank
Any driver of a motor vehicle who sticks to the speed limit and passes the speedometer ensures that money is put into the piggy bank. This is immediately visible on the sign. The meter is an initiative of the province of Noord-Brabant as part of the road safety campaign ‘Brabant goes for ZERO traffic deaths’.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole

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