Brabant Water: Enough buffers for the coming weeks

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Every drop counts. Photo credit: Pixabay

There are currently no problems with the supply of sufficient drinking water in the Eindhoven region, as stated by Brabant Water. According to the water company, there are sufficient buffers in the province, even if it stays hot for longer period of time.

Last week, water company Vitens sounded the alarm about the water pressure. In Gelderland and Overijssel in particular, this pressure would decrease significantly if the same amount of drinking water was used. Vitens called on customers to stop watering the garden or filling swimming pools.

Extra alert
That need is therefore not an issue in Brabant. “Due to the heat wave, consumption is about thirty to fifty percent higher than on an average day. We therefore closely monitor the demand for water. We are extra vigilant, but we will not run into problems. We took care of it earlier this year, with the extra filling of water reservoirs. We are prepared, even after the experiences with the heat in recent years,” explains a spokeswoman for Brabant Water.

The company does point out that people should use water sparingly. “We ask our customers all year round to use water sensibly. We also call for water to be reused. The water from the pool can also be used for the plants afterwards.”

Source: Studio040

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