Fontys involved in three Eindhoven Engine projects

Photo credit: Fontys/Studio040

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is involved in three Eindhoven Engine projects.

Each of the three projects has a different domain. For example, the ‘Smartman’ project is concerned with improving production processes in the manufacturing industry. ‘Power Fitting’ is yet another project. It intends to help people with an office job get more exercise.

The ‘iHeat’ project includes a battery that, according to the educational institute, stores better and greener energy. They aim to use the battery to heat houses and claim that it can predict the storage and release of heat accurately.

Collective intelligence
Money from the Brainport Region Deal of the State helped found the Eindhoven Engine. It serves to bring together the collective intelligence in the region. The institution brings those involved from educational institutions and the business community together.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole

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