Council vetoes motion

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On Tuesday evening, the City Council of Eindhoven vetoed a motion. 

The LPF and the OuderenAppel political parties put it forth. They asked that Eindhoven citizens be declared non-racist. The motion referred to the discussions on racism.

According to the motion’s proposers, ‘far-reaching claims’ have recently been made. (These are) about the ‘alleged racist character of (Eindhoven’s) society’. The parties feel Eindhoven and its citizens don’t deserve this label.


They, therefore, wanted the City Council to state that the city’s citizens aren’t racists. And Eindhoven’s not a racist city. The motion received little support from the other groups.

Besides the submitters, the De Leeuw and Schreurs political parties voted for the motion. So, the motion received six yays and 39 nays. ‘Now isn’t the right time” for the motion.’

That’s according to several councillors who voted against the motion. Not given the current public debate about racism. The voting ratio shows there’s an ever-widening gap. This is between the LPF and the other parties in Eindhoven’s City Council.

‘Lack of decency’

Members of several political parties had previously expressed their dissatisfaction with the LPF’s ‘lack of decency’. This concerns the LPF’s social media activity. For example, they shared a poster.

It depicts Eindhoven Mayor, John Jorritsma, and Kick Out Zwarte Piet frontman, Jerry Afryie. “Some councillors have been smearing each other about this for more than a year,” said the ChristenUnie‘s Henk Jager earlier.

There was also a tweet. In it, LPF councillor, Tjerk Langman, compares Eindhoven with the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. According to Jager, this went too far.

Similar motion passed

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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