Groenlinks and PvdA want ecolabels for airport

Photo credit: Thijs van Litsenburg/Studio040

The Eindhoven fractions of Groenlinks (Green Left Party) and PvdA (Labour Party) want Eindhoven Airport to use a system with eco-labels.

Such a system should give passengers insight into how ‘clean’ a particular flight or airline is. According to a study by the Ministry of Traffic and Water Management, such a system is a good way to encourage people to ‘behave differently’ – in other words, to choose a trip that has the least possible harmful effects on the environment.

According to the parties, ecolabels are a way to ‘substantially’ reduce CO2 emissions. Because Eindhoven Airport wants to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, Groenlinks and the PvdA consider the introduction of eco-labels a logic implementation.

The Municipality of Eindhoven is a shareholder of the airport. The parties therefore want the Municipal College to draw the airport’s management’s attention to the introduction of eco-labels.


Translated by: Bob

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