Eindhoven puts graffiti on display in new City-tour

Street art in Eindhoven
Source: Studio040

Graffiti, tags, murals and other wall-painting.. Eindhoven has transformed itself into an open-air museum for graffiti-artists. This inspired a tourism agency to organise cycling tours of the most remarkable wall art in the city. With a taxi-driver as your guide.

The tour takes the public through tunnels, viaducts and to respectable and less-respectable places. Places which have their own stories to tell and finally have the opportunity to share. For example, the wall art in Woensel-West was commissioned by woningcorporatie Trudo. Inventors that played a role in Eindhoven’s foundation as a city and also have streets named after them were used as inspiration for the art.

Also, De Berenkuil can’t be omitted from the tours: the hall of fame for spray-paint artists. A place with it’s own rules. The group determined who will have to opportunity to use the “blank canvas”. “In the past these decisions were made by fighting it out,” says graffiti-artist Patrick van den Horst. “Currently we have better ways of interacting and solve problems on friendly terms.”

Thursday evening a television programme on Studio040 will provide further information regarding the new Streetart Tour. The tours will be launched next week.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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