HTC slowly reopens but most people still working from home 

Photo credit: Studio040

Around 12,000 people work at the High Tech Campus (HTC) regularly. With the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, things look entirely different; with as few as 1,500 people on site.  Start-ups and the onsite conference centre have however slowly reopened as of this month.  

With more than 200 companies, the HTC’s a robust technology zone and is known as the smartest square km in Europe. The persisting corona crisis has left the campus mostly empty. “About ten per cent of people are physically present on campus,” says Hilde de Vocht, HTC’s Marketing & Communications Director.

“Most people still work from home. Staff from innovative companies are generally well equipped to continue working at home. They only need to be here for critical business processes.”

Staff gradually coming back 

Companies are gradually bringing people back to work on campus. Until recently, there was only staff who really needed to be present, on campus. Like people who work in labs or cleanrooms.”

Smaller companies, such as start-ups are already more active. “They often have their own development spaces on campus. It’s then difficult for employees to work remotely”, remarked De Vocht.

With just one in ten restaurants open, the HTC’s eatery street’s still mostly quiet. According to De Vocht, there are no signs yet that companies have run into problems due to the crisis. “Their turnover might be lower, and it’s difficult to find investors now. But it’s still not too bad.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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