Rental costs down

Rental costs are down in Eindhoven
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Rental costs in the free sector in Eindhoven have fallen. According to the figures from the rental platform, Pararius, this is the first time in years.

On average, tenants paid almost €14.50/m2 per month in the first quarter of this year. That’s 3.4% more than in the first three months of last year.

In almost all districts, private tenants are now paying less. The largest decrease was in the Eindhoven centre. The rent costs decreased by five per cent here.  Only in Tongelre was there an increase. There, the average square metre price increased by almost 8.5%.

Balance between supply and demand

Market development is cited as an important reason for the decline. There is now a better balance between supply and demand in the city. For example, the municipality, property developers and investors have recently ensured an addition to rental housing. The new rental homes are for knowledge migrants and foreign students, among others.

The trend in Eindhoven differs from that in other large cities. The price increase in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht is levelling off, but there’s no decrease. Rental costs in the four major cities rose by one to almost four per cent.


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  1. I have to disagree. I leave in Eindhoven center and yesterday I received email that my rent is increased for 5.1% starting July.


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